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  1. Mute Pker

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    Hey @@Gav , add me in game, and I will add you to the list. I can help you out this week. Thanks =)
  2. Mute Pker

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    I have been away for some time. I am back now; taking 1 request at a time.
  3. Been away.. Rebuilding waiting list for Fcapes.

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    2. Mute Pker

      Mute Pker

      @Joel http://www.clan-fi.org/elites/topic/44160-mute-pker-fire-cape-shop/

      Please refer to this for details; your invo will be different, I'd imagine, so we can discuss this further. Send me a PM :)

    3. Joel


      thank you @Mute Pker my accounts not ready to take on jad yet, working on herb and shit so i can get some brews. It will also have def. How much for just jad?

    4. Blaze
  4. Mute Pker


    Hey whats up @ let me know if you are still interested; @@Chingie ; Hey man, sorry I have been away for a few weeks. I will have some time this week. Let me know if you are still interested.
  5. Mute Pker

    25 Combat 1 Pray 26 Hp Fire Cape - Record

    This shows that no matter how good you are at something, there will always be someone who does it better...
  6. LOL - you are confusing his leg with his nose.
  7. Mute Pker

    Selling 07 RSGP ; look inside

    best nigga out there! bought 50m; sick prices - vouched @@Blaze
  8. Mute Pker

    Your childhood is 20 years old today

    Still remember the day I was begging my mom for one when it came out.... and it's still in my room nice and tidy.... damn BibleThump

  10. Mute Pker

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    @@Jons thanks a lot mate!
  11. Mute Pker

    [LoL] ADC Marksman Changes and Reworks

    Where is Draaaaven!!!?
  12. Mute Pker

    l000l what a cunt!!

    Sorry to hear that mate, I certainly have nothing to do with the hacking; my friends at Fatality are far more important than some GP. I will definitely keep an eye out for Accepts and report him. Let me know if you need another cape, this one is on the house.
  13. Mute Pker

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    Heyyy B100d! Long time no see! You know Fatality is Family, can't let my boys down and always here to support! Thank you for those kind words
  14. Mute Pker

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    Congratz to @@ZTF Joe , @@Bodewig , @@KezR , @@Rofls and @@Warfordd for your your Fire Cape! Make sure to not lose them . I have added your pics to my list! Thank you,