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  1. Good fucking shit today boys, be ready for some good preps this week

  2. Great shit today in those clusters kings, be on tomorrow to take the wilderness

  3. Make sure to be on for the weekend trips my fellow chads

  4. was a fun pkri thanks for the good action SUP
  5. Lee


    grats brother keep it up
  6. Lee

    Zybez closes.

    missing pw rn
  7. Lee

    Helloooooo itte me!

    hey bighead
  8. Glad to see guys wanting to pkri outside of rev caves during the week, Thanks for the action Purge.
  9. Lee

    Aye first drop

    grats brotherrs
  10. Lee

    Not what I wanted but still good

    thats not the pet
  11. Lee

    me rob n nate trio vid out soon btw

    are you not underwater anymore @Moni
  12. Lee


  13. Lee


    wb man how you been
  14. feels good in green
  15. Lee


    ez gains