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  3. Today the Green beasts of Fatality left Edge with 40 green men later peaking at 45, in hopes of some good F2P Fights. Started off our trip by logging in at high altar fighting IR, Su, and others until EoP logged in west inside and everyone dipped out. Got into a fight with IR at 13 ports where we duked it out until Sup came to crash, where it turned into a 3 way cluster. We managed to maneuver the fight beautifully to keep our opt advantage and pushing both clans eventually to varrock ditch when EoP crashed the end of the fight. We again rushed IR east of Furnace with scims out and pushed them south into the trees. Supremacy logged in South in the trees as well and both clans started funneling north into us where we just bound and scimmed them. Kept pushing south to Corp, when we noticed Phoenix was trying to snipe us to the west we scimmed them back to single then proceded to focus south on corp hill with scims out punishing whoever was closest to us. The fight dipped into single when it was crashed by eop. With Apex coming out of clanwars we decided to set up some fights with them at high altar and castle but both were quite quickly crashed by Eop, so both clans would dip out and regroup. @Lee @Schweden
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  6. Massed up 37 Green skinned warriors to take on Intense Redemption in a F2P Prep. We won our attacking around and PKRI rounds in a close prep. lost defending Fatality Starting: 35 Intense Redemption Starting: 35 Fatality Ending: 16 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 35 Intense Redemption Starting: 35 Fatality Ending: 13 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 @Whisky @jons @Voke @Marcus @Blissful @Lee