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  1. Call me Lara Croft

    ya id nail u
  2. Pk Brideo

    lmfao that first clip @krZ jokes
  3. Petality

  4. holy shit

  5. 80

    ATTENTION: All you high school whores, teen thots, blowjob barbies find the weirdest kid in your class and give them some ass! USE THAT COOTER TO STOP A SHOOTER, no more school shootings starting now.
  6. Massed up a strong 32 people tonight to take on the 8 est prep clan Intense Redemption. We came out with the 2-1 win after a sloppy round 2 on our behalf. Thanks for the prep iR. Fatality Starting: 23 Intense Redemption Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 18 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 oof we lost Fatality Starting: 24 Intense Redemption Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 17 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 @Voke
  7. Yo

    he is stepping iinto some real life roles at this moment in time