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  1. XxkamxX

    Hello Pure World

    Man the runescape clan scene has the biggest fucking drama queens in it. Fuck me.
  2. XxkamxX

    Witcher 3

    This game is so sick. If you run it on PC and have a current gen graphics card it really is the best RPG made in the last decade. The combat is better than one and two, the quests are encapsulating and the overall theme/story/lore of the world created is enthralling. Play it on Death March difficulty, I believe that's how the game was designed to be played. It's a huge game as well with more DLC on the way. I recommend it. The game has some interesting builds, character wise. I'd recommend if you just begin, starting in the combat talent tree and as you progress decide if you want to respec into the other trees. I find the other trees probably scale better at later levels but early it would be quite difficulty using the other trees.
  3. XxkamxX

    ags pk

  4. XxkamxX

    Hybrid Ting 1 2 3

    Wait wtf? Does this mean voidzy can't actually brid? Better tell all the powers in v sq
  5. XxkamxX

    say it 2 times

    Some family fair shit where the mosh just lets you and your crew go full boyband
  6. XxkamxX

    Too Far, Or Justified?

    Nah dude this shit is fucked
  7. XxkamxX

    r2pleasent scammed me for 475m.

    dat sucks man
  8. XxkamxX

    tank hybrid

  9. XxkamxX

    If you got 85+ slay!

    You dont need 85 slayer for zulrah
  10. XxkamxX


    gz m8
  11. XxkamxX

    A message to "Featb"

    Every week there's some slightly vague topic calling people out. I never know what's going on.
  12. XxkamxX