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  1. fi slaying misfits pkri

    my kill pic in thumnail gg guys
  2. @Misfits members

    lol smoked
  3. whos tryna make money again

    we lost to them actually and by a small margin n small mistakes
  4. whos tryna make money again

    i believe first place won 5k 2nd place won 3k n we split it with 8 players roughly 400$ each
  5. whos tryna make money again

    ye you log into the world and ur accts maxed and u have access to a table with any gear ud like. were you not around when we won 2nd place last time?
  6. 5th kill

    im rich now
  7. 6 Left

    very nice
  8. i can ice burst now :D

    until i zammy flame you
  9. To EOP

    o eop lol
  10. Pkri vs misfits + ub

  11. suwwooopp

    i used my 221 tickeets XD i was never gona get the 300 after the nurf id like to thank my ags n xbow for making this possible