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  1. @featb

  2. Need 100m

    poke me on ts
  3. Make status updates better!

    i heard u stepped down??
  4. Lost Dog: Searching For Owner

    turny mothafucking 0wnz1
  5. Infamous Quotes by elit3 Bs3r

    @Tyrone joe trying to buy gp he asks me this [1:10pm] Joseph: dj_yolobear [1:10pm] Joseph: is there like [1:10pm] Joseph: disability discount
  6. Shifting

  7. join the best pvm clan today at
  8. A retired EOP member speaks up

    hahah eop lol
  9. Gayb

  10. w0w

    nice legend oh wait ur contributions werent valued rip
  11. w0w

    yes it me
  12. w0w

    i really do see me right now