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  1. trouserdevil

    Woo i did it :)

  2. trouserdevil

    crazy skype messages

    Omg I had a similar thing happen to me, someone tried to supply me with 10000 units of pants.
  3. trouserdevil


    @@Jiggi Niggi hes here too
  4. trouserdevil


    Hello men, hows everyone doing, seeing some new faces on here and definitely missing some old. Looking to hang with you guys again - trouserdevil
  5. trouserdevil

    Reasons Why Paprica Man Sucks at Questing

        RIP redberry pie it lived a grand total of 2 seconds  
  6. trouserdevil

    half way there

    very nice Jaxy
  7. trouserdevil


    @@Society its an Occult Necklace, it increases magic damage by 10% @, 60 attack cant use sotd ;p and I didnt realize regens were so good till now =o
  8. trouserdevil


      for clan wars =]
  9. trouserdevil

    Favorite Rs experience

    @@paprica man rip void but at least i actually made the void pure
  10. trouserdevil

    6v6 vs eop ft god mode?

    damn yeah looks like the pneck saved you. It must have broke but you got 0 hp'ed before it gave you the hp
  11. trouserdevil

    didn't know this happens in rs

    hahahahaha ive walked in on something like this happening when I went to recharge my prayer, it was quite awkward
  12. trouserdevil

    My body is ready....i think

  13. trouserdevil


    faith in humanity has been restored lel
  14. trouserdevil

    staff of the dead origin

    i thought i recognized the sotd looks from somewhere when i first saw it