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    Hello lads, sweden tuning in!

    welcome, Liverpool are the greatest.
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    hubbs intro

    welcome dood
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    New Member! BloodsXCrips

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    welcome dood
  8. Make sure you show up to events throughout the week. Ask questions if there’s anything you’re not familiar with. Record your own gameplay at events and ask experienced members to review and help you out. There is a subsection on the forums with guides for all aspects of clanning, have a read. Strive to become better. Just like other skills, improvement comes with practice. 

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    Missing Sly Waffle rn

    Lol Brian puffder.
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    @Matty Just make sure to attend a sparty.
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    Pure Slayz Introduction!

    Welcome what was old name.
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    new introduction

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    How to properly mace for F2P

    Gud topic.
  14. I remember when kevo was activer.

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    Imbued The Ring

    Good stuff bud.
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    Tuesday Morn Revs Pk Pics

    its not morn though vice.
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    ez loot

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    hybrid video etc

    wow what a big special bar man!
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    Weekend Pov

    good pov.
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    Robin hood

    Gratz kevo.
  22. Ten years have passed since the birth of our clan. Life has changed; faces have changed; the game has changed. Each and every one of us has experienced these ten years in different ways - each seeing this achievement through a different lens. Our history defines us: the adversity, the success, the growth. Our community is constantly evolving, changing with the times. As members we each have brought to it something new - our own bricks laid atop the foundation set in place ten years ago as we have built something legendary. No matter how much we have changed as people, as a community, or the game itself, the name behind it all has remained the same. A decade of Fatality. On May 14th and 15th we celebrate this grand achievement. Two trips to bring to life once more a decade of memories. Together, old and new - our greatest achievement as a clan.  To mark this special time, let's tell the story of Fatality in the way that matters most: how it has affected those who have been part of the journey. Current and ex-Fatality alike, what has your time in Fatality meant to you? Share your favorite memories - the stories, pictures and videos most meaningful to you.