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  1. test

    @Rigo your sig is fucking great.
  2. oh boy, I cant wait for what @Couckacost @Kwame Nkrumah has for the next instalment of meme wars.
  3. MF smited again LOL

    I actually lol'd
  4. The loudest things in the world

  5. Need new food/bonfire before we make styles more overpowered.
  6. on the pure

  7. COTM Baby

    fi win sharkbrew award lmfao
  8. nigga died in .2 secs

    L Take it and own it.
  9. Bow boi

    hi, gj timo
  10. Frosty impersonator
  11. hey v2

    big d long @Hilda
  12. you hated discord too lmfao
  13. anglerwanglerfish

    I showed a big liker then I saw your def.