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  1. anchor and smite

    got anchor and smite never wanna go back to port phauhrismytds ever again
  2. call me dark magician

    finally got this... alched 55 to midway 90, fire waved midway 90 to end of 93, alched the last bit. goodbye alching and firewaving
  3. 91

    got 91 mage need advice though please, is it worth wasting gp like this considering the xp rate? should i stop and just burst? also first time nmzing so advice is appreciated of inventory and dream stettings
  4. unofficial ice blocks and OG cape

    heh thanks guys also @Airborne yeah i was man, were you? what was your original name
  5. and randomly checked and got this few days ago
  6. bye canafis

    grinded out full graceful in 2 days
  7. got fire cape on 3rd attempt
  8. 2 Achievements

    Very nice mate! Where'd u train range?
  9. dragon action

    Yeah man that's the plan! So gotta enjoy using d long for now
  10. dragon action

    Thanks mate Thanks dude and nah I am going to stick it out at ogres hopefully it's not too slow Thanks dude Thanks man I'm trying haha
  11. dragon action

    60 str 60 atk found dat city wont be doing MM for a while since i want to chin range. next goal though is to spam iron knives for 80 range then get 44 prayer
  12. burst action

    dt done and 70 mage next goal is to get them melee stats up
  13. Trouserdevil's road to joining FI

    hey guys looks like we all on the same path add me on rs, we are all similar levels. my username is charbz k0
  14. I'm Done. Won't Miss You

    thats sexy man congrats
  15. the quest to quest

    hahah probs will get you for DT thanks man haha quests suckk ty man