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  1. L00T

    gratz fi
  2. lagged out and got 40 def ffs )':

    lool waist man
  3. uni and stuff, barely log on
  4. any1 got a throw-away acc with rat catchers & Icthlarins little helper completed (on osrs)? m8 needs one to test some stuff out, might get banned - unlikely tho
  5. Yo Nish

    eop who
  6. Songs/Spotify playlists

    This came up on my yt homepage and reminded me that some of you have good taste in music Drop me some songs/spotify playlists plspls
  7. Should I make a Couck roast video

  8. Stay 1 or be a big boi?

    stay 1 and buy my acc maxed 30 def apart for some stats (89 mage/80pray/98 range)
  9. did this actually air???

  10. Selling gp

    165M 1.15/m - paypal
  11. Pray levels??

  12. dodgy flip

    idk luck I guess
  13. who remembers vultures?

    I remember his name, don't know him tho