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  1. Asa

    12 Years Strong!

    13 years for me and this crap
  2. Asa

    Not Honored Introduction

    fresh meat, welcome child
  3. what am i doingHmm

  4. Asa


    99 hp next
  5. Asa

    95 & 77

    nice, keep slaying.
  6. washed lmao! good shit man, i am proud of u brother
  7. Asa


    this man is too busy trainin his damn herblore before his strength LMFAO!!!!!
  8. Asa

    Gimme those nechs

    get an alt or alch everything cause them drops are retarded
  9. Asa

    To EOP

    c u there
  10. Asa

    1 Week later .. eop

    Who are those people?
  11. Asa

    Pick a card...

    ur actually wack
  12. @lee what show we watchin together next

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    2. Lee


      nah @Asa but i heard its pretty good

    3. Asa


      i hear theres yuri, there already sold ur boy