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    Been making one of my accounts a main trying to enjoy a different aspect of the game
  3. ASK


    Whats good @Bday long time lol
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    How you been mate
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    What is your real life name? Phil / ASK Who introduced you to Fatality? Couck offerred to be my sugar daddy in 2k13 #thot What are your hobbies? Trappin, fantasy sports gambling, playing osrs What is your current RuneScape name? Mr Hide Ewe What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? ex High Council of RD Opened a couple LPCs lol bunch of others after rd v1 closed but never really lasted longer then a month couldn't be asked havent clanned since v2 closed either What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Finish maxing and get my gear back Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yeah within the next couple weeks probably gotta buy some gp Anything else: Working full time then going back to school in the Spring midweek events are tough for me to attend depending on time. But I can be a quality +1 on weekends
  7. ASK

    [Netlifx] What do you watch?

    Prison Break LOST Burn Notice Breaking Bad Walking Dead How I Met Your Mother My Name Is Earl Dexter Justified House of Cards Criminal Minds The Sopranos Sons of Anarchy Weeds House Will add more as I remember
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    Shabba Skilling

    Nice Hunter cock
  9. ASK

    99 str

    Congrats bro
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    Rate the Update

    It's fun, the monsters can get a bit annoying sometimes
  12. ASK

    @Patriots Fans

    Worst team in the AFC hands down @@Bxyz
  13. ASK

    @Patriots Fans

    l00000000l.... FUCK THE DOLPHINS @@Bxyz
  14. SV has been like this since the start of 07. Finally they're coming out to the public about their def limit I guess..