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  1. Master Race

    im gay
  2. Ironman Pure btw

    ironman btw
  3. Blissbliss69 BTW

    maxed a fresh level 3 b4 kenny, hes so shit
  4. My grind is almost over for reqs!!!

    u can screenshot on your computer, will help if needed 4 app
  5. oh btw...

    im here for the fi coins, not cuz i like u
  6. when i think of vice

    i'd rather be friends with austin powers than that fuck v1ce
  7. 16

    was ez
  8. 2018 Promotions

    grats 2 every1 xd
  9. 1 Till Titan

    still grinding phase 1 of the process
  10. What are your 2018 goals?

    to not die in raids @Conway
  11. The routine

  12. ONLY 96-99 MAGE LEFT