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  1. davld


    What is your real life first name? David Who introduced you to Fatality? pure ellie or arrow4arrows cant remember What are your hobbies? weaving baskets, collecting anime figurines What is your current RuneScape name? 1 def r4ng3 What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? pre eoc Fi invite 2007/2008 Dv TR NME recently came back to rs UB What are your goals for your RuneScape account? either 60 attack 99 pray or maxed 75 Do you plan on joining Fatality? i might
  2. davld

    yo anyone remember this game

    school computer lab classic
  3. davld

    Psych Help...

    I would define intelligence by someone not taking psychology
  4. interested, but can't pm you on forums for some reason
  5. davld

    The Lie We Live

  6. davld

    Most embarrassing/awkward moment?

    girlfriend walked in on me and my aunt
  7. realizing how long ago 2011 was
  8. davld


    commercialball 2015 Ford Trucks vs Budweiser Beers who you got
  9. davld

    Zu declare Su in f2p fullout

    lol zach still doing this
  10. well he sure showed you
  11. davld

    2 Chainz Argues with News Reporter

    what a fantastic use of time, thanks for this suggestion.
  12. davld

    B1G Conference Revived

    amateur handegg?
  13. davld

    Puking at the gym

    are you menstruating?