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  1. Good job! Cant wait for p2p tbh...
  2. xPatjuh


    Hewwo lol
  3. xPatjuh

    New items in future maybe? [Pics]

    Trim mith trim blk chaps plox
  4. xPatjuh

    Infinity pk!

    l0l gg
  5. xPatjuh

    Official Questing Topic!

    Vouch +1 Best quester ever!
  6. xPatjuh

    [Returning] 100 Spec

    welcome back^^
  7. xPatjuh

    Hi Fi

    Welcome, goodluck on your next goal!
  8. xPatjuh

    charbz k0 intro

    Welcome & gl on ur ags pure road;d
  9. xPatjuh

    :) My First Solo Armadyl

    damn I cant wait till I can go gwd xD
  10. xPatjuh

    Topless Delivery Prank

    I know what I want as my job!
  11. xPatjuh

    xPatjuh's intro

    @Kevin FL haha xD
  12. xPatjuh

    xPatjuh's intro

    Thanks all <3
  13. xPatjuh

    xPatjuh's intro

    @yorik atleast I said the right amount! xD
  14. train together with me l0l. I just started again xD
  15. xPatjuh

    xPatjuh's intro

    What is your real life name? Patrick What are your hobbies? Soccer, dancing, making music, djing, going out. What is your RuneScape history? I use to play back in the days. I had a main cb 122 and had a pure for a long time which turned out into a maxed tank. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Idfk xD Do you plan on joining Fatality? Maybe if ya'll r cute ^^ Anything else: I like chicken