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  1. Dutch

    Ahh yes, hello Heron

    lucky bastard@
  2. Dutch

    iron prog 3

    Just to give you some motivation..
  3. Dutch


    When light_mayhems total lvl is higher then ur ironman u know u gotta step up:( shame about ur slayer though, expected more from u
  4. Dutch

    Chubb's Intro :D

    Welcome back:) I dont think FI was a thing in 2003 but your name seems familiar though, although i wasnt fi at the time
  5. Dutch

    Rsmobile beta invite

  6. Dutch

    Hi there.

    Very nice dude, bad pker tho
  7. Dutch

    Sup gamers

    Oh when I bug you to join the clan you refuse for years and when im finally gone you start apping, i see how it is
  8. Dutch

    This is why I'm Fi

  9. Dutch

    Yo misfits

    You vs me Couck, meet gdz, w365, ill be there
  10. Dutch

    Whats a good

    razer go big or go home edit: just buy a fucking pc, no laptop is build for the amount of time you keep it on.
  11. Wanna try it on my ironman? Has more rng then coucks acc. What are the caves like? Are they simular to firecape sofar or towards kiln?
  12. Dutch


    So your stilll down:P?
  13. Dutch

    Did you know

    So weak, but atleast a nice step to the pure world. Inb4 sv 2 rip
  14. Dutch

    visited eop's kid house

  15. Dutch

    opinions please?

    Ive been 60 attack for a long time and during 1v1's ull be overpowered most of the time. However it gets boring cause your pretty much fighting the same type of people. With 75 att you open up a few doors however theres no way back, you do have the chance to change your pking styles easier with 75 att. Your still semi overpowered but less than at the 81-83 cmb bracket that you would be in with 60 att. Even though you said to ignore the opinion based on clanning I do feel like this is also important, cause with 75 att you would be a lot more viable which would make clanning more fun for you. You should never pick a decision based on how many people voted for something, but what feels right to you.
  16. Dutch

    Money making guide//vid

    does this work the same way as tokens?
  17. most active clan pvming on their mains lol
  18. Dutch

    [PSA] VOTE NO!

    tried on 3 accounts
  19. Dutch


    they killed kenny bastards
  20. Dutch

    to all ex-fi members

    Im only on the list cause ive already been more active than @@Jacco this month
  21. Dutch

    Updated Avatars

    My avatar is best tho
  22. Dutch

    What the fuck eop?

    these type of topics help noone