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  1. Dutch

    Ahh yes, hello Heron

    lucky bastard@
  2. Dutch

    iron prog 3

    Just to give you some motivation..
  3. Dutch


    When light_mayhems total lvl is higher then ur ironman u know u gotta step up:( shame about ur slayer though, expected more from u
  4. Dutch

    Chubb's Intro :D

    Welcome back:) I dont think FI was a thing in 2003 but your name seems familiar though, although i wasnt fi at the time
  5. Dutch

    Rsmobile beta invite

  6. Dutch

    Hi there.

    Very nice dude, bad pker tho
  7. Dutch

    Sup gamers

    Oh when I bug you to join the clan you refuse for years and when im finally gone you start apping, i see how it is
  8. Dutch

    This is why I'm Fi

  9. Dutch

    Yo misfits

    You vs me Couck, meet gdz, w365, ill be there
  10. Dutch

    Whats a good

    razer go big or go home edit: just buy a fucking pc, no laptop is build for the amount of time you keep it on.
  11. Wanna try it on my ironman? Has more rng then coucks acc. What are the caves like? Are they simular to firecape sofar or towards kiln?
  12. Dutch


    So your stilll down:P?