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  1. Ease

    hey gang

  2. Ease


    Good guy Duncan
  3. Ease

    Halloween's Introduction ^_^

    @robbyy @Halloween and I versus the world lol, was very easy.
  4. Ease

    Halloween's Introduction ^_^

    reply to my last fucking message
  5. respond to ur fucking pm dude u have everything totally all wrong my god man

  6. Ease

    [Part 2] Summer Promos 2018

    Good to see @Couck back in red. Gratz fellas.
  7. Eldar V2? @Heismberg @msixtynine Was fun
  8. Ease


    Just as we reunited... I'm so sorry with how things ended and I hope for you to enjoy your time over there as much as I did. FOE is a great clan with such a good community, I will miss it. Maybe one day we will find each other in the same clan, godspeed brother.
  9. Ease

    im back

  10. Ease


    I use it, just not for gifs.
  11. Ease


  12. Ease

    Let's Fucking GO

    big fucking grats