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  1. good netflix series?

    orange is the new black the 100 walking dead
  2. Halo + Top 10m

    New Poll: Question: Should the amount of Castle Wars tickets which are rewarded after completing a game be changed to 5, 15 and 25 for a loss, draw and win respectively?
  3. Bursting Dust Devils.

  4. Welcome To Our New Forums

    looks sick
  5. Summer Awards 2016 - Results

    when @@Couck wins best rank, you know something is wrong
  6. I want to apologize

    looool he hasn't moved on, well whatever lel @@Khi3
  7. Suggestions

    I dont know what you can get in the USA for 450$, all i can say is dont get a chromebook. I seen alot of student use tablets to take notes in class but not sure how it will be for runescape.
  8. Best Caller In Fatality

    My Top 3 Chris -aggressive asf Cody- passive calling Rich-Hype God Jared- permanent hearing loss

    like whats up with mine tho
  10. A completely Serious Question

    malcriado just getting some +1's by posting random shit, Sanfew is a well known legend that just disappeared

  12. Eddie's weekend questing service

    your prices for most of them are great. rum deal should be 750k and great rob should be 1m? swap around? sea slug is shorter than priest and peril should be also swapped, i guess as a package price it acts like a stabilizer when i quest for someone i going to copy ur prices
  13. Biodiesel's Questing Service!

    @@Trophy Eyes i dont have that much time on my hands to do a quest usually at school most of the day. i just doing random quests for pures and mains 1-3 quests a day
  14. Biodiesel's Questing Service!

    inbox @@KFC
  15. Biodiesel's Questing Service!

    inbox me @@Koso