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  1. body

  2. AM I BIG YET?

  3. Proof The Americans Didn't Land On The Moon

    seems legit to me
  4. Donate to Supreme Leader

    ill rape you swelly u smelly
  5. #1 Saturday

    :-( we rekt u more in the bummy hole
  6. fi

    That would be brilliant That would be brilliant We have, last saturday we did that and still no1 faught us. I wasn't aware if you did this, and i know RD would give you a fight if you did split your clan into two , and made sure the whole pure community knew it. you've got like 2 leaders and 4 warlords, just split them into two different units (wear different capes too;D)
  7. fi

    just saying lads, calm down .. It was just a thought that came into my head was no flame intended. X God Rage X, on 11 Apr 2014 - 3:28 PM, said: That would be brilliant
  8. fi

    Swelly Doug, y'all are cancer to the community .. Just don't understand your logic to keep recrutting when no ones pulls comes close.. And thanks for the flame xox
  9. fi

    Why are you applications still open when you pull 100+ and every other clan pulls 35-60