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    I might be working up in Perth on a windfarm in a month or two's time!
  3. From RD to FI Intro Snipezz

    yo brother
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    welcome u scottish boy! @0bbyx where you at?!
  7. AM I BIG YET?

  8. Proof The Americans Didn't Land On The Moon

    seems legit to me
  9. Re-intro Salso ~~

    hey bro, btw i got you proof it was all musk x
  10. S0z Ard - Still alive!

    welcome my brother!!<3
  11. Alpha Q Hard

    Ly fgt
  12. yoo

    One of my best members, welcome along brother, just need my boy kingboy know
  13. One and only

    My bbb xxx
  14. Stackings Intro

    Welcome aboard my boy