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  1. Pex

    Tuesday - 20 Man PK Trip FT 35M+

    oh shit that's what's up
  2. Pex

    ZGS PK - Revs Tuesday PK

    that is my mentee
  3. Nice event today cya there!! Check events of the week for more info ;) 

  4. Pex

    Gpak's Introduction

    hey brother welcome to the forums
  5. Pex

    Working on 90+ skills

    nice gains guy
  6. Pex

    Clarkeh | Introduction

    hey bro welcome to the forums
  7. Pex

    Number 1 on ML

    jk im already 20 def
  8. Pex


    hi rainz
  9. Solid week of events coming up, be online
    Get out there, do some recruiting and have fun with the family
  10. Pex

    Agi Pet at 62

    damn im jealous
  11. Pex

    WC pet at 52

    lucky as hell tf
  12. o shit nice now you can take us wherever you want via obelisk
  13. Pex

    1250 total

    cute af
  14. Pex

    Work hard on my Days "away" =D

    lovely gains my guy keep up the good work
  15. Pex

    it has been a while...

    welcome back bro