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    Found a legacy kid...

    yes ly sucks
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    why do you drink your ppots like that what the fuck
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    Some humble iron gainz

    cute as heck barrows grind gonna be fun
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    ey nice now you can afk brutal blacks if u need gp
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    Some Zulrah progress

    decent loots bro
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    sup guy think there's a preview button at the bottom near submit
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    Most Favorite Types of Pures

    love a good baby pure 60 att unmaxed in the 70s cb lvl
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    very nice bro
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    ey finally
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    keep at it boy
  11. looked fun as fuck sad i missed it
  12. On this fine Saturday e gathered up 40 green-blooded fatalians before later peaking at 45 for an action packed free-to-play trip For the first fight of the day we set up a fight with apex east of bandits, with sup crashing before the battle had even properly begun. We followed the general rule of team on crash and focused supremacy, giving them the big green dick alongside apex until foe crashed and we dipped. We organised another fight against apex, with them defending on corp hill. It was a fairly even fight but we had a clear advantage when supremacy showed up again to ruin the party, solid teaming on crash resulting in a big cluster that last over 10 mins, moving around corp cave and up to boneyard. Solid performances and returning from Fatality. After a good 15 minutes of solid fighting, we took a quick break to go down to Chaos Altar to restore our prayer points before the fighting recommenced north of CA. Another long return fight with apex and supremacy pushing around corp cave, pushing supremacy into singles a few times with fatality coming out as clear winners. The fighting ended when rage crashed and we decided to dip, as the long fight had depleted our supplies. Apex wanted the dick again so we organised a fight with them at barbarian village. After a small amount of jousting with us slapping apex around, foe hit the fight, causing us to dip. While we were gone, this turned into a huge cluster encompassing the whole village with most of the pureclanning world present. We sniped it for a little while before foe hit us on the east side. Down 20, we had a solid performance here before we dragged into single and headed to the bank. The final fight of the day involved the usual enemies of the day, apex and supremacy, at high altar. All clans started with around 40, with constant cycling of who was on top. Solid 20 minutes of fighting inside the temple, cycling between the door and the altar so that we could use our 15%s and let our members return. Top tier warring from fatality showing our wilderness quality once again as we rolled everyone. Apex left first leaving us and supremacy to battle it out, who hit us as we got a spam on the altar. Got a quick clear on them and finished up. Amazing trip today thank you all for coming Ty for action today @other clans post pics/vids
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    gratz kittygamer
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    Yesterdays level

    gratz king