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  1. Stained Ddp


    yes excellent atm
  2. Stained Ddp

    Selling 950M $0.95/mill

    @Yoko hey lil dad i need 110m asap
  3. Stained Ddp

    im back

    i heard the boys are back in town #featb is back boys #1 p2p prep team good luck shit clans shout out to meeee soyaki 2 ridic telemundo i marditoooooo sulfaggggg kevvvvv coucaaacoast babyyyyyyyy vibezzzzz
  4. Stained Ddp

    Makla introduction

    brooo its stained how you been bro quit this game moron
  5. Stained Ddp

    Pk Vid 17

    my nigga raw at the game atm
  6. Stained Ddp

    @jons real nigga anthen

    ty for blessing the kid with this slap
  7. Stained Ddp

    Delusional Eop Members

    The king