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  1. Its Me Crvo


  2. Its Me Crvo

    How to record on a Mac?

    go pro on 4head
  3. Its Me Crvo


  4. Its Me Crvo

    Hello everyone

  5. Its Me Crvo

    Cloud Intro

    think we tobed before on my main
  6. been 24 hours & no votes for me yet PepeSad

    1. Stigi


      Dw u'll have my biggest 1bang vote 😘

  7. Its Me Crvo

    Rojas Introduction

    how much for 1 prayer fire capes
  8. Its Me Crvo

    What’s your clan history?

    pre eoc; Dutch Battle Heroes - Made a dutch based PvM clan with some friends, had a stable 80 members for a while, one of our events vs a different PvM clan. Im the guy with full torva/elly pernix switch lol Sell Dung - used to sell dung floors in here, i quit when eoc got launched, logged out with a decent 134m dungeonering xp, gained about 15M xp suiciding floors. Held some records on my name - used to do speed runs with Bu11seye00 (you know if you know) CLW lures - probably one of the most know lure cc, we probably lured over 200B pre-eoc with purple portal lure & red portal lure Pro S Only - 1 of the top tier PvM clan, used to make bonk doing nex pre-eoc This was 1 of the biggest corp wars i attended, we all had max gear etc. OldSchool; Rising Legion - a PvM clan me & a couple friends set up, had a good 60 members but closed as the rank team were to busy irl Hero PvM - top tier PvM clan Ancient Fury - Main pking clan, sadly we closed Fatality - Joined fatality in 2k13, was my first ever pure i made & started pure clanning with Oblivion PvM - Currently in Oblivion PvM clan Ive been in some pure clans but as a spy, i dont count those in
  9. Its Me Crvo

    What do you do for work?

    Primary school teacher & in the weekends i offer classes for upcoming teachers
  10. Its Me Crvo


    good to have you back = - )
  11. Its Me Crvo

    3 more

    time to finish 99 mage trough slayer, Good luck
  12. Its Me Crvo

    No membs but I'm still out here

    rather kms then train in f2p
  13. Its Me Crvo

    Fatality 13 Years of Friendship PoV

    Suicide boys - Paris
  14. Its Me Crvo


    get c im ugly