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  1. Finally finished

    ieuw lol
  2. Some people....

    amazes me how you can not understand a java paint based game lool - o well, we probly have been there aswell
  3. Some people....

    no ring mfw
  4. Another One

  5. underlogged this 83 mager and 1 hit him for ez loot - also supreme elder & dutch
  6. Leadership Promotions

    come join the dutch squad?
  7. Tom and friends go to bandos

    ayy nice, i legit haven't been to gwd for 2 years
  8. why was runescape so awesome

    third guy is dennis? pretty cool
  9. @Hilda

  10. some music.

    was at ground zero & this song got on was pretty sick, was more bpm aswell live @Stigi @4GottenG0dz
  11. Goal of the week: Titan

    gl, i really should get it aswell..
  12. when you're a main and still suck

    holy shit pretty cringe