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  1. Nightshift GFX

    money talks
  2. Fatality GFX.

    Appreciate the opportunity to do work for FI. The feedback from you boys has been fantastic, hope you like it!
  3. Good W special forces doing f2p tho, interesting
  4. holy shit

    I work as a lifty in Australia. Can guarantee those responsible for hydraulic tensioning giving way will go to jail. Potentially all staff involved getting in a fuck ton of trouble
  5. Inferno without Food/Potions

    this fuckin guy
  6. Need someone for a Prof. business Logo

    Can potentially help you out mate
  7. 98 Magic fuckers

    doing work
  8. only took 60 tasks

    Well done doing 50 task in a day
  9. a old friend of mine

    Good friend of yours
  10. The Nostalgia..

    Love this pker
  11. im so shit sadface

    Not too bad
  12. Fatality vs Sup/CP mini rounds my pov

    nice vid looked good