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  1. A V2

    99 Attack

  2. Nice one lads, giving me motivation to level my shit pure faster
  3. A V2

    HP ?

    Dahyun > Tzuyu tbh
  4. A V2

    Jagex Runelite Statement

    Considering its open source even if it gets "closed" it's likely people will keep the client updated and usable, what Jagex will do when they realize people aren't going to pay for OSBuddy is another question
  5. A V2


    I joined it but I didn't want to bother a rank on there considering I'm a guest with a now low level pure. Discord name is fwfwff#0835 One of my favourite times was summer 2006 when I had 20 defence, despite the game declining heavily I had a lot of fun in 2009/2010 with 1 def. I spent my 17th birthday on an FI trip in 2010. It's a much different game and environment though
  6. A V2


    It was only possible to get such a start with ranged, within a day or two I was at fire giants and while everybody was poor as shit starting out I was making bank. Ended up at green dragons which were almost empty and bought chins for cheap off the early hunters. Was fun but not repeatable now, if the 2007 state game got launched again I'd be completely left for dead
  7. A V2


    Memory serves you well, I was in the top 10 from 1-99 ranged at launch. Doesn't really seem impressive now with how the game progressed in terms of efficiency but at launch it felt like a considerable achievement
  8. A V2


    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? I don't remember, myself I guess II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Most likely III. What is your current RuneScape Name? my new account is called fwfwffwe IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Joined Ez Ownage on an account called "Sea of Mist" a long time ago, that died and me and my brother founded Supreme Ownage and got Ez Ownage leader Charles to join which tempted others in, that blew up massively and then died. I joined FOE for a while then Fatality was founded from the ashes of SO and I quit FOE for FI, lead FI for a few months then got def. Ended up leveling a new pure and joining in 2009/2010 then quitting after it got banned. Was in at the start of OSRS for a bit but I quit pretty early. Probably missed some stuff, most of it occurred over a decade ago and grows more and more irrelevant every passing day. V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Just leveling as efficiently as possible. I should have requirements in a month or less, this is my account right now VI. Anything else you'd like to add? Nothing much, nobody probably remembers me from the start of OSRS or ever because I ended up grinding hard then taking a prolonged rest. I doubted the longevity of OSRS at that time and somehow in the downtime my account got hacked and banned. It got unbanned sometime at the end of last year and ended up with 23 defence. Tried playing it to max a main but I've almost exclusively played pures on Runescape so it never feels right. I haven't really played any games for over a year and I desperately need something to sink some time into. This is my original runescape account I recovered, it's now past the legal age of consent in the UK
  9. A V2


    Actually to bump an old thread I got unbanned but ended up with 23 defence. Still have no idea how my account got compromised though. "Who the fuck is this cunt?"
  10. A V2

    12 Years Strong!

    I feel too old, like a big irrelevant and forgotten dinosaur from a bygone era
  11. A V2


    >try log on runescape for the first time in years >Your account has been disabled I haven't even played since 2013 and somehow I've been banned since 2015, is it even possible to get unbanned from this? Quite bummed considering I legit leveled to 99 ranged before bots were even out on 2007scape
  12. A V2


    it worked
  13. oh wow d claws nostalgia
  14. A V2


    Dreamhack summer is currently on so the numbers are naturally higher, CSGO is usually pretty low