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  1. Tyler

    [HCIM] 5/23

    my nigga do you have a piety pure hcim?
  2. Tyler

    i heard we eat ass around heree

    hey pal welcome back
  3. Tyler


    ur not a pure anymore?
  4. Tyler

    i heard we eat ass around heree

    tlp cole?
  5. Tyler


    Grats m8
  6. Tyler


    Hello sir
  7. Tyler

    What’s your clan history?

    Fatality for 12 years. Only clan I've ever been in. @Kenny will vouch for that
  8. I've got off Saturday & Sunday, you know what that means. 😛

  9. Tyler

    Long time :D

  10. Tyler

    another level

    woot woot
  11. Tyler

    20def owner

    20 defence ownage
  12. Tyler

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    Pure clanning was established on 1-20 defence. 20 defence is great for pure clanning because it unlocks a nice amount of gear for PvP & PvM. There's no reason to be 1 unless you Edge PK at lower levels, because void pures & zerkers absolutely demolish 1 def & 20 def. Chances are if you're 20, you're strictly pure clanning.
  13. Tyler

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    13 is incredibly useless, 1 more combat level gets you armour that weighs less & is significantly better. Mystics & other gear unlocked as well.