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  1. lol gl zenith, you'll need more than a budget main clan & 3 other pure clans in your capes to compete against Fatality

  2. Tyler


    welcome to Fatality brother
  3. Tyler


    No fuckin' way that's Whitey from Ai... WHAT
  4. zenith is a shit clan with no history of ever being competitive or relevant. reliant on other clans & recruiting +1s from sand crabs that play with their toes 

  5. They won't accept. They don't do Clan Wars, they don't do 1v1's, they're a weak-minded members with weak ranks that are terrified of losing.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/hF6WdP2.png https://i.imgur.com/o3mcrvW.png https://i.imgur.com/eD3F2MN.png https://i.imgur.com/ZPLOZXa.png https://i.imgur.com/eOpUTyp.png https://i.imgur.com/kpuCbYW.png https://i.imgur.com/KuzouQe.png https://i.imgur.com/SdSII6f.png https://i.imgur.com/BHVhI2G.png https://i.imgur.com/t0n028S.png https://i.imgur.com/QxYEbZh.png https://i.imgur.com/LGI5GVX.png https://i.imgur.com/VLlqxrH.png https://i.imgur.com/B0qbLMG.png https://i.imgur.com/IBK28CV.png https://i.imgur.com/MN40NF7.png https://i.imgur.com/RZZAVoM.png https://i.imgur.com/YSKWatm.png https://i.imgur.com/6bWLipG.png
  7. Pretty hard to say, after all these years of low pulls for supremacy, it's hard to see them go out... But on the other hand maybe they'll eventually get tired of it. Then you have fo with all this drama coming out, doxing people, super nh tactics... In general, you never want a clan to close... Gives the scene less action. But I think everyone is content right now, don't see anyone closing tbh.
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