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  1. lmfao bro they're piggybacking hardcore & trying to take credit. they lost a fucking 25v25 to envy
  2. 69

    TOTALLY FUCKIN FORGOT DUDE YOU SHOULD'VE TEXTED ME im in my zone when im slaying man zzz didn't even realize how late it was
  3. 69

    yes sir!
  4. 69

    Slayer requirement finished for MM2, Heavy ballista here I come Loot (have some more in bank, I'd say about 5M total)
  5. Zenyte

    Anguish, torture, tormented, ring of suffering, ty.
  6. cya saturday misfits!!! o wait you don't go out on saturdays!!!!!!1 =p!!! cu sunday!!!!!!!!!
  7. L0000000000000000000L

    they literally lost a big mini (basically a prep with 25v25 tbh lets be real here, they probably begged envy to post as a mini) to a xLPC ... who is really not that great
  8. soz they'll pull 22 so they won't accept :l
  9. 1 More

    For MM2 btw
  10. OO0O00O0wnage Into!

    welcome to fatality, oooooooooownage
  11. RIP Faux

    you can see the moment this dude is absolutely crushed
  12. Sup

    hey there
  13. Golem