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  1. Bday

    Asa's Intro

  2. Bday

    Who remembers this legendary trip?

    either Supremacy or TLPiss LOL.
  3. Bday

    Who remembers this legendary trip?

    I was there and shit was lit af.
  4. Bday


  5. Bday

    Ok, now i'm rly back

  6. Bday

    >> READ << Important Topic

    God Rage is WAY too OP.
  7. Roman

    Ur better than that bday smh

  8. Bday


    if him slip, him slide.
  9. Bday

    luna uzumaki Intro

    Location: holland
  10. Bday


    Very strong, conway.
  11. Bday

    FI vs all ops Last saturday ownage

    Look at the top left, thats the guy that kept trying to camp me. He ended up on the floor, face down ass up within the next minute 😈 Before: After (1min later):
  12. Bday

    All Birds Intro

  13. Bday

    Where my niggas at

    Long time friend, hope you're still doing well @Don Carsii