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  1. P2p preps

    If you've never done preps they are a BLAST, will take some time getting used to tanking and such, but youll get it.
  2. Fire cape recommendations

    Just get the boy @Rigo
  3. 5 str levels since monday...

    Atta be, nice Xmas present, join the club
  4. The 1 time i log in on my pure i do make bank

    Did u say rev caves?!~
  5. 4 years ago. yesterday

    I remember!
  6. Selling RSGP-BTC/ETH

    I've never bought it, but trading it is smooth.
  7. Selling RSGP-BTC/ETH

    You buy 100$ worth of btc with your 100$ then send
  8. Selling RSGP-BTC/ETH

    Selling RSGP for crypto currency such as Bitcoin or Etherum. 1.1$/m
  9. Poor couck?

    I tried to tag @Couck and all of this came up.