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  1. My face when i banged this kid
  2. Davey

    u kno im on dat new shit

    is that the portal where all the kids go we ticked?
  3. Davey

    New forum emoticon!

    when he stops drugs and converts :
  4. Davey


    Sup pookie, saw you on discord Have fun getting to know everyone!
  5. Davey

    Ice Ice Baby

    nice, ice cubes the best cubes
  6. Davey

    14v14 vs IR | 2-1 Sets 10.22.18

    was fun as hell yday
  7. Davey

    Hi! Any oldschool FI players still around?

    hey mate i joined fi aswell in 2006-7 or so and my ign was like m0nk. There's definitely some oldies around, you'll find them eventually Hang out in discord if you'd like, there's some in there
  8. Davey


    my reaction sharing a real nigga award
  9. Davey

    Raiding Advice

    just pm me, we go in there and i'll show u what's what
  10. Davey

    how to lose a sotd!

  11. Davey

    Daily Osrs Question #6

    the most fun i had pking solo was on a rune pure, but as far as pure pure goes; I love those around lvl 70 with 94 mage and 90+ range
  12. Davey

    Osrs Daily Question #2

    My preference for sunday trips is using range/chins/ heavy melee. I do switch out to mage sometimes though, it depends what we need.
  13. was a fun trip, loved it
  14. Davey

    pc back

    i did miss you