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  1. Lee is really good at league

    @Lee I didnt except this kind of underperforming from you
  2. Fatality on my body

  3. Quick Preview of Fall 2017 Awards!

    Finally, some real gfx for our awards
  4. Jons Eres Puto

    puta es una jons jajaja kekeke
  5. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    lol i love you joseph even tho ur an elder. You are a legend in my book
  6. Legends Vs Elders

    @Misterr Fred the type of elder to not even know what F keys are for
  7. Legends Vs Elders

    I feel sorry for the team im facing :$
  8. I didn't even know we added the light one, thanks rofl. can't change my vote btw, scuffed poll
  9. Titan for the first time!

    nice private server, u think u can scam me?
  10. Masturbait

    Hahahaha, that brings me back to us being in clanwars the whole fricken day. Glory days We were born to own man.
  11. This week in Science

    couck discovered robots, bet he's gna import one of those cuz not even the russian mail order brides want him
  12. Where the Floridians at?

    Stay safe man
  13. who do i miss from fi

    I really miss Cabbage the most I also miss sly waffle/Brian
  14. Who is better

    i wish to live on another planet
  15. Is bday a real nigger?

    my dick is blacker than bday tbh