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  1. Davey


    my reaction sharing a real nigga award
  2. Davey

    Raiding Advice

    just pm me, we go in there and i'll show u what's what
  3. Davey

    how to lose a sotd!

  4. Davey

    Daily Osrs Question #6

    the most fun i had pking solo was on a rune pure, but as far as pure pure goes; I love those around lvl 70 with 94 mage and 90+ range
  5. Davey

    Osrs Daily Question #2

    My preference for sunday trips is using range/chins/ heavy melee. I do switch out to mage sometimes though, it depends what we need.
  6. was a fun trip, loved it
  7. Davey

    pc back

    i did miss you
  8. Davey

    Pineapple pizza [VOTE]

    pineapple is the best shit wym it's good with anything fam
  9. Davey

    96 wizard

    he's doing it
  10. Davey

    Night Night Niggas btw

    nite nite zzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Davey

    98 Ranged ~ ByRave

    bijna maxed
  12. Davey

    does leathy sound like davey

    We got manly voices, I can see why your pussy might get wet the same way, but there is a difference. Leathy's also got much better englando in speech
  13. Davey

    Throwback to when jons got promoted

    Don't think any video can top this for today
  14. Davey

    Intro #3 or #4

    Finally got the forum account sorted, have fun scrolling around