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  1. I missed this nooooooooohoooooooo.. Good job tho!
  2. Tuesday Pk Trip Pictures

    was fun
  3. fuk mf

    tansssiiii, big heart, cya this weekend hopefully we tanssii together
  4. Fuck misfits

  5. I like to apologize to misfits

    smackin bee's 4 a livin btw
  6. L0l U 8 2 L8 saying hi

    nee joh, dennis ??
  7. Vorkath head ass nigga

    wow realer main than me atm... i c u
  8. Misfreaks

    TP TP
  9. Greetings earthlings

    hey dude, didn't I see you farm a month ago or so?!
  10. couck did a solo raid WHAT
  11. I cant believe it

    still pleb asf