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  1. Matthew_

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    1 def forever
  2. Matthew_

    Teemo/Ethers Introduction

  3. Matthew_

    Rebuilding: Phase One

    damn i havent even gotten mith gloves on my pure yet LOL
  4. Matthew_

    buying gp

    rip tottenham lul
  5. Matthew_

    FaceCam PK Vid #29

    LOl that first kill commentary
  6. Matthew_

    w0w is that lvl 3 demux?

    what are you fishing?
  7. Matthew_

    Placing some sporting bets.

    20m chelsea beat tottenham, if its a tie no one gets anything, if chelsea lose i give u 20m
  8. Matthew_

    ThX for the practice nub

    not surprising tbh..
  9. Matthew_


  10. Matthew_


    aye aye
  11. Matthew_

    Nice account dude

    maybe an acc just for whip staking?