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  1. utl

    Caelee's Introduction

    You just don't simply tuck you wee wee in between your legs and say your a girl I'm confused...?
  2. utl

    buying 60m

    Looking to buy 60m pm me on forums or TS.
  3. utl

    King Azn's Gold sales

    vouch bought 10m
  4. utl

    Rs gp sale-always selling

    hes very legit
  5. utl

    Selling 07 GP :D

    Vouch for Tom. Is good guy for sure
  6. utl

    Selling 07 GP :D

    I need gips
  7. utl

    pre-work out

    c4 is trash... #1 best seller cause the price but that tells the story alone. Im taking one called adrenalprime right now and its pretty nasty stuff. It last me for a good hard 2 hour work out easy. I cycle different pre-work outs every 2 weeks or so.
  8. utl

    First week over

    day 1= chest+abs day 2= legs day 3= shoulders+abs day 4= back day 5= mix it up do all your main lifts of each day+abs rest day 6&7
  9. utl


    You want to point them out though ma dude. As for your question about joint pain miracle pill uh there don't happen to be one. You just need to stretch the shit of what ever is hurting. To be honest it probably won't even go away it's just part of lifting. I hate even saying this because I hate em and don't believe in em because I think they weaken what ever you use em on but try a brace if its that bad just to see if the pain will go away then stop.
  10. utl

    8 hours of studying later..

    I'll admit I had my people I talked to in Fatality and only really talked to them but I didn't go on forums and post negative stuff... especially about IRL achievement. I think my post count tells that story. When I was accepted to FI I never even met the post count requirement lol... I mean in all honesty it comes off as your were jealous so you had to say something to make yourself feel better. Which isn't the case but lets be honest an achievement for Alexie might not be an achievement for you. Don't mean you need to bash on Alexie....
  11. utl

    8 hours of studying later..

    Same thing? Spending 5 years of my life working and defending kids who play rs all day and then receiving a GI bill is not even a little bit comparable to getting good high school grades and receiving money for it. My reasons? How is joining the navy to do something with your life while you wait to figure out what you want to do with your life a bad thing? I was selling drugs and going to school. Stopped going to school because i decided i no longer wanted a Biology degree and instead of not doing shit with my life, I did something. what are you doing UTL? I dont think im anywhere near a god. Hell this whole thing started with my pointing out that its fucked up to take money from your parents because your doing good in high school. High school isnt shit, you shouldnt even take money from your parents for some bull shit like that. I think its selfish as fuck, but thats just me. Hideous long hair?lol you jealous. and yes every girl ive been with has told me not to cut it, i aint fucking with nasty bitches so whos opinion should i go with?I am pretty sad i have to cut it in the next couple weeks. Yes i use to smoke bowls on tiny chat. I was a pot head, and it wasnt just on tiny chat that i decided to smoke, id be doing the same shit if it wasnt on. Want to discuss marijuana now?am i a "druggy" because i smoked weed? man gtfo with that shit. Aint no one trying to be cool on fucking runescape. As for you, you pop in here once a blue moon and flame people. Dont act like your shit smells good, when you do the same shit. All you do is fucking troll and you think your THE SHIT. Yep I pop in here once in a blue moon to troll Brent that's exactly what I do bro. Spit the fact I am hardly ever on here but to glance at forums to see how Fatality is doing lol... None of this would of been said if it weren't for the last two comments I read on 2 "separate" topics were completely idiotic and rude as fuck. Like I said before and will over and over again alot of parents give there kids MONEY/GOODIES for getting good grades in high school and or college. Just because you don't think its right or didn't have anything like that growing up and for whatever reason don't give you any rights to jump all up on Alexie's dick and for fuck sakes swallow the whole thing? I my self wouldn't take money for doing good in high school or college even. Not because I think its wrong but because I never needed it. As for me not thinking my shit don't stink well it does man and I'll tell you what its stinks quit bad from all the protein intake threw out the day... As for my life and what I myself am doing with it well... I have a house that I bought and am in the process of flipping it to sell for profit. I work a full time job 50-60+ hours a week that pays me damn good (23-30$ hr) for not having a college degree. I intend to pay of my truck and old student loan (I went for a year and got out to buy this house knowing I could make a good Profit) with a bit of the profit. I wasn't at all ready to go to college yet. I'd say I regret doing it but I don't one bit. With the rest of the money I'm gonna be going back to school to become a brew master. I have a wonderful girl friend that I am in love with. Over all I'd have to say my life is pretty fucking awesome right now. Did I intend to make that post to hurt you? Not at all Do I not like you? I dont have a problem at all with you and if I did you should just be say not 2 fucks were given The only reason I posted anything was because of your negative comments on someones topic they were pretty proud about that's all...
  12. utl

    8 hours of studying later..

    Brent must think he is a fucking god or something? Last two topics I've read all his post were negative? You dog on Alexie because his dad is giving him 1k irl to do good in school lol... Its a very common thing for parents to do so twat. You dropped out of school because you fail to figure out what you wanted to major it which is common nothing wrong with it. You then go on to say you joined the navy because they pay for your school and rent while going to school. It's the same fucking thing Alexies dad is doing for him lmfao? Your reasons on joining the navy are fucking terrible also lol... Dog on your own shit going on in YOUR life bro because your not impressing anyone. Wasn't it like less than a year ago you had hideous looking long hair and claimed the "bitches" loved it and smoked pot daily/loved showing your bong off on cam because you thought it was cool shit or am I thinking of someone else?
  13. utl

    Inactive Members

    Its around finals time for schools... expected.
  14. utl

    Old member returning

    are you kidding me?! I thought you died lmfao. Whats good man
  15. utl

    Cant even be srs?