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  1. Nate

    Brief City Intro

    Yup brief and fi baby
  2. Nate

    F2P Saturday - Pyxius POV

    Shut up loser wtf u saying That intro is dope
  3. Nate

    New comp (help wanted)

    I'd say $300-600
  4. Nate

    New comp (help wanted)

    Looking to get a new desktop computer. Seeing as I know little to nothing about them, I need some advice from my geek friends. Any recommendations of cheap(ish) computers are needed. I don't really play many games other than rs so no need for some expensive ass gaming comp. Pls lmk ❤️
  5. buying gp, any1 got me?

  6. Nate

    Nvm lol

  7. Nate

    Fatality pk Video?

    No one in fi pks. If it gives incentives for people to get better then I'm game...
  8. That alch was hard to watch
  9. Nate

    Believe Fate intro

    Welcome. Had fun bridding the other day.
  10. any1 wanna buy gp?

    1. Turny Ownz
    2. Chino


      whats the pr lookin like 

  11. Nate


    Was easy/fun
  12. Nate

    l8ls intro

  13. Nate

    April 25th/26th of PVP (90m+ loot)

    make a pk vid or no care
  14. Nate

    pkerman strikes again

    no ask