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  1. Xtd

    What Do I Do?

    I said it's at 6 def but wanted under 21
  2. Xtd

    What Do I Do?

    Where the fuck did I say that?
  3. Xtd

    What Do I Do?

    Everything is quested so far EXCEPT def
  4. Xtd

    What Do I Do?

    I have finally decided to log on and play a little. 6 def though. I want to keep it <21 this time around on ORS. Any ideas on quests, etc? Been so long since I played so I forget what quests and everything I need. Anyone know of an organized guide?
  5. Xtd


    You'll watch them because u love me Yorik
  6. Xtd


    But you fell for it... Meaning that if I did have nudes, you'd wanna see em ;-)
  7. Xtd


    I have 15 videos recorded and ready my friend. Just waiting for the right moment to begin uploading. Thanks for the sub though!
  8. Xtd


    Well hello there my friend!
  9. Xtd


    Well now that I have your attention, give me just a few seconds of your time. Basically Ive been recording a ton of Fifa 14 gameplay w/ commentary but have not advertised or uploaded any material at all. What I am asking from you guys is just to give me 2 seconds of your time and subscribe. Before uploading any material I just want to get a start and have a few subs in order to attract new ones. After that my goal is to put out at least 1 video every 2 days. So please, whether you care for Fifa or not, just support me and help me get a start. If you just look at this topic and ignore it, well... you should feel awful. To everyone that subscribes, I thank you for helping me get a start. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/ManiacsWorld I should have artwork up soon, maybe by Tuesday or Wednesday Now for those of you that actually play Fifa, specifically Ultimate Team, I will be doing 50k-100k coin giveaways once I get approximately 500-1000 subs Thanks again everyone! I know I can count on the FI community
  10. Xtd

    GFX Internship

    If I was still hardcore into gfx I may have given it a go, but I lost most of my will and skill lol
  11. Xtd


    So today I traded a phat set worth over 5m for a camelot teleport tab worth under 1k Aint even mad cuz im dummm!
  12. Not my video but Ill tell him
  13. He asked me to share on here and it's some pretty good stuff. Lonely is a nice guy too. Like, subscribe, all that shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gejjr9BaWic&feature=youtu.be
  14. Xtd

    To Give Those Who Struggle Hope

    That's legendary man. The amount of mental focus and dedication is surreal when it comes to losing that much weight. You're literally mentally exhausted at the end of each day because everything you do has to be based around what you eat, when you eat, when you work out. It really consumes your life. I congratulate you my friend.