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  1. Would you rather....

    Cure 1 blind person of any age, could be an infanct... We rich btw
  2. Looking for someone whose experienced in designing social media banners/profile pictures (IG, FB & YT). I need two banners for two different projects. Please send me a private message or contact me via DC if your interested. Payment will be good.
  3. holy shit

    fake news
  4. Yo

    Hij heeft een tweeling gekregen @Couck
  5. Another one done

  6. 97 HP

  7. Looking for someone who can help me out with a high-end business Logo (watch related) Please pm me if your interested. Payment will be G (€, $, RSGP or Crypto)
  8. Top 5 Pure Clans of all time?

    Fatality, Foe, MM, TLP, Corrupt Pures
  9. For All You Newfags

  10. New NH vid #harpoongang

    nice nice
  11. Can You bench press 225

    My max is 118kg (one rep) at body weight 72kg
  12. S/o to Kenny for all those bonds

    Wish i was black