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  1. So Kenny

    *Hits the blunt*
  2. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Gratz bros @Kenny @Sly Waffle
  3. 10 Years of Fatality!

    @BIGTREVOR mate...we all need a huge favor from you. If we can find the topic when @Unknown opened up about being a fake girl and explained how "lynn" used to be an irl friend that played runescape with him omfgg thats a golden topic
  4. 10 Years of Fatality!

    my boy lynn @Unknown
  5. thats what hes been doing while skipping trips
  6. Will you start going to McDonalds more now??

    their reputation is already ruined. Shit plastic food
  7. that really does look like you doe
  8. Youtuber shouts me out

  9. @swelly miss you :(

    didnt you and old ranks force him to leave?lol
  10. Florida High School Shooting Near My House

    pretty sad that all these white folks claiming he has mental illness. Kid did some trainings for the Republic of Florida for fucks sake
  11. My oldest rs video

    glory days forsure
  12. Loot from 47 minutes of killing updated revs

    @XGRX do this so you can pay for my bond
  13. fuck con

    ill do your con if you do my range/str
  14. Can you touch your toes?

    couck touches all kinds of toes