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  1. Misterr Fred

    sunday f2p w/ the boys

    Damn that looks fun
  2. Misterr Fred

    #KG #Jass

    We looking for a long term contract no trade clause for 20m gps. Let me get in contact with your agent
  3. Misterr Fred


    Still a bunch of retards in the scene
  4. Misterr Fred

    Getting back into it

    Welcome back dood
  5. Misterr Fred

    What do you do for work?

    I do minis for a living wbu
  6. Misterr Fred

    Florida Meetup

    Let’s run it
  7. Misterr Fred

    TwoDefSavage Introduction

    Og tlp welcome brother
  8. Misterr Fred

    6 years later

  9. Misterr Fred


    I’m also gay welcum
  10. Misterr Fred

    Whats good from shmoser

    Welcome man. We pk pretty much every night it’ll be nice if you get to know a few peeps around. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Misterr Fred

    5/22 Revs Trip + Pkri vs Fearless

    fun fight doods
  12. Misterr Fred

    Monday 5/20 PK Trips

  13. Misterr Fred

    my 2nd anniversary with fi. #ranqe

    Been here since 2nd anni and I can vouch for that. Fun weekend for sure.