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  1. Misterr Fred

    The destruction of Legacy - Part 1: Sam

    This is what happens when you make couck come back....
  2. Misterr Fred

    You MUST update TS

    you can rat me all you want babie
  3. Misterr Fred


    Hell yea baby. #TheKitchen #LaCocina s/o to Koso #1 #Dreamchaser
  4. Misterr Fred


  5. Misterr Fred

    What's up mates

    welcome bruv
  6. Misterr Fred

    grats anon 2

    Parceee se ha vuelto un fantasma ya ni se lo ve
  7. Misterr Fred

    It Be Me

    Welcome Chino
  8. Misterr Fred


    Bienvenido siempre hermano
  9. Misterr Fred

    Promos Part 2

    Well deserved councils a no doubter gratz
  10. Misterr Fred

    fk u mean intro

    alt season has begun
  11. You know why I'm here.

  12. Misterr Fred

    yo wadup fatalians

    welcome back dood
  13. Misterr Fred

    3rd 99 Soon

    still waiting for my avy BTW
  14. Misterr Fred

    Dear Disabled Main Clan Users

    Go back to retirement retard