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  1. Florida High School Shooting Near My House

    pretty sad that all these white folks claiming he has mental illness. Kid did some trainings for the Republic of Florida for fucks sake
  2. My oldest rs video

    glory days forsure
  3. Loot from 47 minutes of killing updated revs

    @XGRX do this so you can pay for my bond
  4. fuck con

    ill do your con if you do my range/str
  5. Can you touch your toes?

    couck touches all kinds of toes
  6. Biggg tings

    what is this 2014?
  7. With promotions coming pretty soon..

    i think 10 years of loyalty speak for itself. Nothing bigger than that @henry
  8. i actually got a lvl

    now u can hit 17s
  9. Im thankfull

    Never met someone Swedish that is not nice. Looks like youre a great person as well Welcome Aboard!
  10. RSN's

    mister fred was a famous skiller. Fred is an ugly name and it is not my irl name.
  11. Holy shit

    elder unit stronk atm @Tanqe come through
  12. Albert/Just Gangsta, James, Te Amo, Panzy, my boy Cody Aka 0n3 B100d, Frosty, Delinius, the boy Max Aka Blizz69x. Most importantly, If you can just disappear and have your brother be active again.
  13. climate change is ruining the great barrier reef

    mate watch chasing coral on netflix great doc
  14. fatality in 2018

    preach bro