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  1. Fred

    oh Yeah

    @Will would be proud.
  2. @5tr you gonna say hi or wut...

    1. 5tr
    2. Fred


      @5tr after all these years...you forget about me..

  3. @Sly Wafflety for all you've done for fatality. We know stepping down wasn't an easy choice but it's for the best. We'll miss you and we'll always be here for you.

    1. Fred


      h/t to @Joseph for breaking the story!

  4. sup.

    1. Sly Waffle
    2. Couck


      sup you gonna show up to f2p trips/pkris now?

    3. Elve
  5. Fred

    Fuck misfits

    nice name
  6. Fred

    Greetings earthlings

    welcome back to our forums
  7. Fred

    This week in sports

    wtf is hockey?
  8. Fred

    Its time for a Real discussion

    perfectly worded
  9. Fred

    Bike Lovers?

    i've got a honda shadow phantom 750 black matte its my babe nothing big or fast i just like to cruise
  10. Fred

    Jagex Runelite Statement

    what a bunch of pixel huggers, always trying to scrape every penny off the players thats why this shite game hasnt grown in usage for the last 10 years.
  11. yo @Jax you cant just donate and disappear like that. 

  12. Fred