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  1. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Misfits teamspeak leak - Episode 7

    holy 10 second fights.
  3. NOT2bFKedWIT

    today was a good day

    decent loots
  4. NOT2bFKedWIT

    99 cb

  5. NOT2bFKedWIT


    olympic af m8
  6. NOT2bFKedWIT

    for now

    going for 99? or what
  7. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Selling RSGP 0,75 per M

    @Try Me Next broke boi
  8. NOT2bFKedWIT

    successful dmm trip

    the bounce back is real
  9. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Racism and it's issue within the clan.

    dont listen to this fucking nigger @Couck
  10. NOT2bFKedWIT

    RIP Marcus

    skip to 7:10 @Marcus
  11. NOT2bFKedWIT

    [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    my bitch @Kenny got leader, no surprise he has a big bromance w/ whiskers our fellow 1 bang that lost us a 3v1 @Sly Waffle got hc and my partner in crime aka the most clueless pker of all time @Magic got hc @Lee was given warlord by default because elite stepped down @matt and @marwan good to see you guys stepping up. congrats on promos bois.
  12. NOT2bFKedWIT

    99 Farmtality

    10 runecraft btw
  13. NOT2bFKedWIT

    *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***