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  1. NOT2bFKedWIT

    some clips i've gathered

    nice1 brother
  2. wuu2 legacy #fintel

  3. NOT2bFKedWIT

    [HCIM] max xp unlocked

    but can you die?
  4. NOT2bFKedWIT

    BIGREVGUY is agile as heck

    finally som1 in this clan that trains up a useful non combat skill.
  5. NOT2bFKedWIT


    vaccines do in fact cause autism now I see why you use exilent @Jake
  6. wuu2 legacy lmfao.

  7. NOT2bFKedWIT

    By Popular Demand...

    thats fucking disgusting!@
  8. NOT2bFKedWIT

    First nh commentary :)

    join fi for instant rng buff
  9. fun trip, I think you're holding back on some clips though. scratch the "I think", I KNOW you're holding back on some clips.
  10. NOT2bFKedWIT

    America day PK

  11. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Fi Revenants Trip 7.1-7.2

    you didn't vid that GWAS of the kids we caught when they were running south? @Phi
  12. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Finally maxed again

    bigger than @Turny Ownz
  13.  Legacy wuu2 #Fintel