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  1. https://gyazo.com/d26a58fbcfe4eb34e60d6952ac86304d
  2. NOT2bFKedWIT

    A Hero's Return.

  3. congrats on 100 subscribers @Native

  4. NOT2bFKedWIT

    free money lol

    @Garble come back nub
  5. Feels good to be FI

  6. I was waiting for someone else to gear up for an anti pkerino operation when I saw a runecrafter the same cb level as myself and I decided fuck it Im already on tbs so I waited for the runecrafter up north and to my surprise ... still can't believe it.
  7. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Anti-Pking with Not2b +1 achieved

    aint guna lie this shit was the easiest +1 I've ever gotten. the kid ate like a pro and had protect range on the whole time while we dropped 12 DDs specs on him with smite on.
  8. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Indy's Intro

    ahh yes. welcome Ronin brother. You will like it here, I guarantee it.
  9. NOT2bFKedWIT

    [Part 1] Spring Promotions 2019

    thank god we got more officers, now I don't feel pressured to step up. Time will tell..
  10. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Fatality gwas inferior green hats

    what PKing with NOT2b looks like..
  11. NOT2bFKedWIT

    fi vs Ir matched

    good work fam, big screeen
  12. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Reeee Smites~!

    ez bond.
  13. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Sunday Fight Night

    good work fam