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  1. NOT2bFKedWIT

    for the clan

    lmao got the boots for prayer bonus but has Black chaps on..
  2. NOT2bFKedWIT

    regular sunday ownage 40v70v70 :D

    nice vid my dude
  3. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Sunday POV

  4. 11-17-19 Fatality's Boneyard Massacre ft Foe + Rage never forget.

  5. lmfao when turny got flamed by brothers !!!

    1. Turny Ownz

      Turny Ownz

      bro that was u

  6. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Sunday Funday | Ft. O, Apex, Rage, LY | 10.13.19

    the best part is seeing the people in GE freaking out lmfao
  7. NOT2bFKedWIT

    big pker boy: wildy hard diaries

    hope thats a pure lmfao.
  8. NOT2bFKedWIT


    you misspelled *sigh*
  9. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Elve's Reintro

    lmao I remember smacking sovereign back when they were t5 in xlpc 2011. Notorious Pures R.I.P. UK and DK I killed em. lmfao was ez hol uppppp you weren't a Leader in Blizzard Empire??? LMFAOOOOOOOO
  10. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Hulaween Intro!

    welcome. to app you need a minimum of 50 attack and 43 prayer bro, just a heads up @Hulaween
  11. NOT2bFKedWIT

    I can almost taste it..

  12. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Iron pure completed Zammy book

    get 99 agility on your actual pure instead lmfao.
  13. congrats on legend @Pex

    1. Pex
    2. 0bbyx


      hes Referring to a hc inactivity curse 

    3. Josh