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  1. NOT2bFKedWIT

    5/22 Revs Trip + Pkri vs Fearless

    @Charles watch the video in my signature
  2. NOT2bFKedWIT

    5/22 Revs Trip + Pkri vs Fearless

    oh how I missed those return fights in CA. thanks for the fun scrap FS.
  3. NOT2bFKedWIT

    92 before the f2p

    congrats 75att 99prayer would have been a better build though.
  4. NOT2bFKedWIT


    Zerker iron man?
  5. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Need someone who can edit gifs

  6. NOT2bFKedWIT

    for the clan baby

    noob. lmfao
  7. so far so good, should have added some background music though. I love how in the first rush you can see all the tbs flying lmfao. quality vid. should be the one in fatality cinema tbh.
  8. NOT2bFKedWIT

    Fi's 13th Anni | (My best vid yet)

    @Tyrone @Turny Ownz I see you kids watching but not posting, thoughts???
  9. Vid starts slow, ain't gunna lie. shit gets real good 2:40 mins in though Happy Birthday Fatality
  10. I wanted more audio good vid tho.
  11. NOT2bFKedWIT

    2108 total pure. We made it.

    should of stayed 50 att you can't even go revs in a 2k total world without getting camped. uselesss acc. congrats tho.