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  1. Today's updates!

    Yes!! Cba doing it alone heh
  2. Jons eating a 5 star meal without a drink..

    bday wtf is this lol
  3. Wednesday's fun PvM Trip! (pet!!)

    reason i went here is because i got 13 def and going for slayer helm atm. wanted heads from kq or kbd x) + hilda
  4. Never Forget

    gz on 2k pc!
  5. Never Forget

    hey bro, ive been thinking a long time about this. i wanna give u something very precious of mine.. it was really tough giving this away, but you've really deserved it bro. all the great action, allthough the ears have had a hard time to keep up sometimes (i know u had a rough time so its ok), i will give you this price bro. keep it up ^gj
  6. Never Forget

    Ohhhh so this is what a lil pump is, i thought it was just a funny word
  7. Desert pest control with leathy

    Gj champo already 1/6 of coucks kc thoughts @Couck ?