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  1. Marcus

    Misfits hype topic wow!!!

    Thats so cringe is this actually ehat their ranks post as a serious topic to their members lol
  2. Marcus

    first risk fight

    NICE!!!!! This calls for anotha win for team sweden in 1 hour!!
  3. Marcus

    I love this community pt2

    Best community since we opened! This is why ive stayed all this time. Ddos ur a really good guy <3 keep being u homie
  4. Marcus


    U on fire baby
  5. Marcus


    @Couck leader of a clan called fatality, when we got him its true brutality, but damn man u bad, smelling the toes of the mad. His words are like arrows in my heart, i bet he even smells his own fart. Take this badass rap and suck a shlonger, when im done with this u aint leader for much longer
  6. Heard mf massed up to hit us so i came to destroy but apparently they ended after their first approach with us!!!! :/ very one sided rivalry... comeon misfits give us some action u been piping up so much ffs

  7. Marcus

    98!!!!!!! :-)

    Long ago since i played rs. Looked for brid-fights in w25/chins didnt find shiiiet but i found this - w45 bridfight but a FUking level appeared as i was gna spec so it didnt go off. Rip
  8. Marcus


    LOOOoooolLllllll hahaha
  9. imagine being in a clan of pkers and not being allowed by their ranks to pk without them luiluLuLULLUlULuL

  10. jeez bee-smoke was far too quick, unfortunate that they didnt even try to fight us back


    misfits tried pking :351488218837024770:

    1. V1ce



    2. Ranqe 1

      Ranqe 1

      god bless

  12. Marcus

    petition to ban kim for flaming nonstop

    damn cold ass mothafuckas