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  1. Marcus

    Mans Back

    Ffs not this guy 😅
  2. Just scrolling through this whole vid we got biggest pull 90% of the time lol
  3. Marcus

    100m+ pked in 2 days (sexy KO’s)

    Taking over 45 solo in fi’s name
  4. Marcus

    100m+ pked in 2 days (sexy KO’s)

    last week i got this 20m pk
  5. So on dmm ags is worth 75-80m rate is 1:1,1 in 2 days i got AGS pk and 2 10m pks
  6. Anything i booked for the anniversary is OFF. Anni trips gonna be insane! Everybody need 2 get wit it hop on the fi train and lets gooooooo

  7. Damn ... anniversary. Im busy that day 😕 BUSY PLAYING RUNESCAPE MMMMHHHMYUP!

  8. Marcus

    grats anon

  9. the key was 8m but dammnn how sexy does that 70m look lol. Probably 1 pf the biggest number in tha bag since its a d kite worth 40m. All and all probs like 40m 07 didnt vid unfortunatly