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  1. Free my homie Goth. If he is who i think he is. Which he probably is. Yes free the man. I DEMAND FREEDOM

  2. Marcus

    hydra head, poggers

    Jeeeez lmaooo
  3. O shit i missed this. LY accepted a prep, haha bet they wont do that again!

  4. Marcus

    hydra head, poggers

    Damn big tbow and everythang grattis!!
  5. Marcus

    well then, first drop @ hydra

  6. Welcome UB gangstas, one of the few clans i never had anything against

    1. Unreal


      i am not a gangster nor do i condone any actions made by a member of this runescape guild. i am not responsible for any illegal activity and incase of federal investigation i am not here by choice  and not affiliated with this runescape guild. i am here against my will again i am held against my will

    2. Marcus


      But we killers

  7. Marcus

    "hey did you kill 'the' resistance all by yourself?"

    Hahahaha made my day
  8. Marcus

    Fi sunday trip cluster POV

    Its not fully processed yet so quality is eh for 15 more mins ty for a fantastic trip. Great pull, great action. We ruled the wild
  9. yea i know dead gamemode etc but i finally got my first max kill on here and unfortunatly didnt click record before it happened!!! that is a known ddoser from clan tata (and frontline i belive)
  10. Marcus

    Fi P2P trip Marcus POV

    Stopping by
  11. Marcus

    Mans Back

    Ffs not this guy 😅