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  1. Marcus


    welcome, enjoy ur stsay
  2. Marcus


    welcome, enjoy ur stsay
  3. Wahhh almost there broder
  4. Grats all and huge huge massive thank you to kenny for everything uve done. If i could id send you a big ol cake and some papa johns i would
  5. dmm is never over! its w45 permanent server
  6. Hahaha thats my ranqe 1 sweeeeeet baaaaayby jesus
  7. Probs gonna have to do that, got way too much dmm than ill ever use right now
  8. holy fuck you guys, last week I got a max kill, this week, another one! I've been bank-fighting this guy all day, and he's the toxic type so he been flaming me, eventually to prove himself he wanted to fight away from bank, and he decided to match the gear aswell. he didnt even deposit/mule his max gear, so thats why the bank key is insanely fat. Ancient wyvern shield go for 90m, ags 50, toxic staff 40, prims 20, bcp 20, b tassies 20, etc. SHIT ton of loot here valued it to be around 265M, tons of people are buying DMM for 1:1,6, so if i'd swap over i'd have 450m from all this https://streamable.com/97orww ^VIDEO
  9. Marcus


    very nice. ima rep this
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