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  1. 5555 :(

    We all can be happy that we don't have your shit rng lmfa0!!! nice kc doe bro
  2. what's next?

    1k total maybe? grats btw
  3. iron rag

    @Merk you'll be the first one ready?
  4. skillermen

    bruh XD
  5. #4 PurpleBoy

    doesn't surprise me you got another cool pet, blessed with rng grats bro
  6. skillermen

    notice the 1 def
  7. 99 Slayer!

    grats, took u only 7 years
  8. Steady Grinding

    the king, back on track gj bruh
  9. Smoke Weed Everyday

    lucky u can scape better than you take pictures grats bb
  10. Florida High School Shooting Near My House

  11. I DID IT

    Gratz! another 99 done gl wcing