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  1. they talkin trap shit but aint got a fiend that could vouch for em

  2. hbd @malcriado

  3. its 2k13 all over again! :)

  4. anyone in the VA area??

  5. HPU bound, stoppin in Virginia for a night who lives ther

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    2. Mitch


      sounds dank as fuck

    3. S33


      idiot hmu boston area ur scared like @Joseph I GO TO HARD FOR YOU NERDS

    4. LIL NICKY
  6. buying bond on the real no lie

  7. 7am and im fjcked up hard, hope u all stayed safe and got pusy, o wait...

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    2. Monstah


      bet u didnt even get

    3. Dank


      peep the snapchat story monstah youll see

    4. Monstah


      snapchat? i dont have anyone here on snapchat

  8. lmao lions blew it

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    2. S33


      cuz they blow

    3. Bxyz


      refs helped green bay for sure. Not that detroit would have won anyways

    4. Dank
  9. paging crvo, needa find out a song name atm

  10. Just got back from court from me ruining someones wall of bushes while i was super fucked up, suppost to get a 10k fine, got off with NOTHINGGGGG #crimingwhilewhite

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    2. RyanGymnase
    3. Dank


      my mom used to be an attorney she has people @Ryan, was 100$

    4. Rainz


      wow ur hard as fk m8 u smoke weed and now u ruin peoples bushes #rebelassnigga