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  1. 96 mage + post count

    huge gains
  2. best mini squad tbh

    Damn i completely forgot about authority lel good times
  3. 44 CB

    huge af
  4. sulphur the magician

    Lol we're cool bud just getting some of the other stuff done while you're on break, ended up like 2k away from level while doing the mage arena quest so just finished it out
  5. sulphur the magician

    the 1 and only
  6. dw @Joseph will bring the justice
  7. 90 magicianing and new god cape, makin huge gainz shout out to @Sly Waffle for doing most of the work while i take credit
  8. Nox vs Rich

    founder of apex btw
  9. Holy shit

    nice avatar bud @Tanqe
  10. Legends Vs Elders

    and im willing to bet @Misterr Fred is still like level 77 so unless its a f2p mini I'm not worried