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  1. Cole

    back at it #zulrah

    noice noice
  2. Cole

    swaG level achieved

    dale lmk I hang out in the cc
  3. Cole

    swaG level achieved

    yea I need to be able to do it wile im with my daughter in bed or something I don't gotta pay much attention to
  4. now I just need a halo anyone wanna afk with me =]
  5. Cole

    anotha one

    missed the screenie -.- but 99 mage/hp next any recommendations ?
  6. Cole


  7. Cole


    gainz city
  8. Cole

    lil sneaky guy

    must be nice getting pets -.- gratzzzz thp
  9. sup peoples, if you kno you kno =]
  10. Lmfao spastics

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Hugo


      @2 Ridiculous please remove his clan friend >.>

    3. Logic


      come on forumes to flame HUH BUDDY??

    4. Turny Ownz
  11. Sup guys, I got 9m for sale if anyone wants to buy it off me hmu

    1. Tamalero Pk

      Tamalero Pk

      ur skumbeg, hay cole

    2. Mikey


      Just comes on forums to sell shit.. What happened to lil colie