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  1. Cole

    1800 GAYMER

    nerd for life
  2. Cole

    Stock up on Furys?

    bought 500
  3. Cole

    lil late night action

    idk what your talking about xd
  4. nothing but big loots over here
  5. Cole


    barrage stack with 72 ags for 4.3m lootations
  6. Cole


    oh shit nigga u remember me from bk in the fkn day b
  7. Cole

    another 60

  8. Cole


    yoo is this ren stryke????????
  9. Cole

    Hey Everyone:)

    hello friend
  10. Cole

    Time to join the big boys.

    oof I need 99 mage -.-
  11. Cole

    Kankerfazing intro

    hey buddy
  12. made almost 3m good trip always nice to make some free money
  13. Cole

    Summer Awards

    I never win nothing =/
  14. Cole

    back at it #zulrah

    noice noice
  15. Cole

    swaG level achieved

    dale lmk I hang out in the cc