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    New Sponsor!

    What’s price of gp now
  2. So crazy to think a few years ago bday was our warlord 

  3. Second day back and I won 65m at the arena  and guy cheated @Khi @Koso add me fi codi

  4. I may be retired but wtf was the point of that siege shit lmao
  5. Great job but 44 attack isn’t much help in preps dude and if you want to work ur way up the ranks I’d get 99 are as well. Can’t really hate on people when your stats barely meet reqs bro..
  6. Congratulations everyone
  7. Thank you for enjoying us
  8. Also interested to see if couck will allow them to strip #robot-unit from discord. Time will tell
  9. Excellent promos! I like the Elve council from what I see on forums let’s dee what u can do also Jacco
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