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  1. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Smoked lmfao, winning the rivalry already
  2. Legends Vs Elders

    Honestly would not be hard.
  3. UB closes

    Rest In Peace
  4. Ever since I joined and been around the pure community I always wondered if elit3 was mentally retarded or just a troll. I did find out he was deaf, but that he’s also really smart and a huge asset to Fi, which surprised me. To this day I don’t know if he’s a “troll” or if it’s just his personality. One of my favorite members by far to ever clan with. Lumpy- you’re great and will always be my fav xo
  5. Member Most Wanted:

    Robot unit bitchez
  6. Hello

  7. .

    Lmfao nice fm level
  8. Again

    Demoted af
  9. Again

    Elder LMAO
  10. Announcement

    Lmfao that bideo
  11. who do i miss from fi

    No one in particular
  12. Trust no one