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  1. Chapter 1 Requirement Stats 5 Fletching 10 Mining 10 Fishing 20 Firemaking 25 Thieving 30 Crafting 30 Ranged 41 Cooking Chapter 2 Requirement Quests Big Chompy Bird Hunting Guide: Cook's Assistant Guide: Demon Slayer Guide:
  2. Khi

    My Fatality tattoos

  3. Legit got like 200 kills l0l, ez game.
  4. Khi

    Master Farmtality

    Like warm apple pie retard l0000l
  5. Khi

    Master Farmtality

    Sexiest acc in the clan by far lmao, gratz m8.
  6. Khi

    first 70

    gratz m8
  7. Khi

    1900 total

    Don't think i posted topic, but hit 1900 total+ a few more lvls on the ironmane. 90 crafting should get me to 94 mage.
  8. Khi

    1900 total

    I want to be like you daddy What koso said, i did a mixture of zmi/ cosmic runes. Zmi because it's the most efficient xp per essence and cosmics for training crafting. I tried library rcing but cbf lmfao. U got a ironman @Mitch?
  9. Khi

    1900 total

    ty m8s
  10. Khi

    1900 total

    ur gross irl
  11. Khi

    Nothing big

    gratz bro
  12. Khi

    weak ass gobin boys

    gz m8 u getting close
  13. Lost like 40m bank value 80-90 con, 90 crafting banked so 1900 total and 94 mage etc coming soon. imgey
  14. Khi


    gratz m8
  15. Khi


    Also finally banked 90 construction so 1900 total coming soon
  16. Khi

    Itroll's 8th intro

    wb pussy
  17. Khi


    damn son
  18. Khi

    woowoo btw v2

    gz m8
  19. Khi

    3 outta 4 items

    Damn l0l u got the t bow and everything
  20. Khi


    o chit, nice man
  21. Khi


    ayy gz on the fatality skillcape