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  1. Khi

    Missing Sly Waffle rn

    @Sly Waffle i love u
  2. Khi

    #1 on ironman

    I swear ur pics are always such shitty quality l0l ur screen from the 1990's? Gz tho u animal.
  3. Khi


    Got some shit ill never use ayy
  4. Khi

    iron update

    okayyy u little beast l0l
  5. Khi

    ironman btw

    @Blissful OMEGALUL Gz u animal
  6. Khi

    rip eop

    Fuck eop lmao
  7. Khi

    Ahh yes, getting closer

    do it pussy
  8. Khi

    minigame farmer

    Damn son, gratz. I'm actually just working on full farmer set and seedbox atm lmao.
  9. Khi


    u little animal
  10. Khi


    hot damn ur ugly is what u are l0000000l
  11. Khi


    U animal
  12. Out here lookin like a normie pure, i see you. Big accomplishment, gratz m8.
  13. Khi

    ironman update

    Finished 85 mining and got 70-82 smithing. I plan on finishing up 85 smithing, after that I have 85 construction banked so i'll bang that out in like a day, and now I have cannonballs for days to grind slayer with. (maybe 99 range next)
  14. Khi

    wavys into

    Hey man, saw you in the cc. Post around to get to know some people, and we'll hopefully see you around more. Welcome to the forums.
  15. Khi

    1600 total

    very nice man, gratz.
  16. Khi

    Ironman plans

    Progress not the greatest this week. About to hit 84 slayer, I plan on stopping at 85 slayer for a bit to even out the stats, to avoid burning out. (85 mining/smithing/construction/agility.) Pretty sure smithing and construction gana kill a huge percentage of my cashstack, and agility and mining are just boring skills. Not looking forward to this grind but gotta git r done.
  17. Khi

    Tagpro champs have returned

    yall playin curve without the 6x world champion? smh
  18. Khi

    Hi FI

    I think i saw you in the clanchat, welcome! If you need help with anything feel free to send me a pm. See you around m8.