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  1. Khi

    Few more levels

    gz m8
  2. Khi

    Theft Unit

  3. Khi

    inb4 nerf

    The only reason I would ever do ardy knights is because you rarely need to look at the screen lmao. There are multiple more efficient ways to get thieving xp, so i'm just gonna get it out of the way now while it is easyscape haha. @Jacco
  4. Khi

    inb4 nerf

    another one
  5. Khi


    gz m8
  6. Khi

    inb4 nerf

    Knights supposed to get nerfed next patch (less than a week) according to the Q&A, if your a skiller get 99 while u can. Hmu if u tryna grind with me.
  7. Khi

    My progress in a month

    nice work
  8. Khi

    Only true OG's remember

    lool didn't this video get banned from forums at one point?
  9. Khi

    Can You bench press 225

  10. U animal, gratz man.
  11. Khi

    Progress Week 1

    Yeah, like @Davey said, it makes mage more expensive but increases the damage bonus of fire spells so more xp/hr. Not sure how much more it adds to the cost up until to 99, but I splash while I sleep, so i'm already wasting a shit ton. I think it's possible to reach 100k/hr tho.