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  1. Khi

    A pleasure to be reaquainted!

    @Lex - Support.runescape.com - Support guides & Updates - Contact us -> Appeal a ban Say your account was hijacked, and act like you have no idea what you were banned for. say no to this question: They literally pass out macro unbans like candy the past few months. I've gotten unbanned with 100% success on every single account i've done it on lately, particularly my accs that have failed 100 appeals. @Tyrone u should try aswell. If you need help message me on discord.
  2. Khi

    iTzAngel Intro

    Nice introduction, welcome to our community and I hope to see you around!
  3. Khi

    Harry's 2nd Annual Questionnaire Awards!

    1) Do you ever wipe your nuts and smell your hand? yes 2) How often do you drink? and when you do drink how many drinks do you have on average? not often/ accordingly 3) When eating a hot dog do you prefer your wiener grilled or boiled? grilled 4) How do you like your steak cooked? medium rare 5) Do you eat Hamburger helper? no 6) Do you think there should be female police officers and firefighters working on the street? sure 7) Are you a supporter of the military? yes 😎 Clear Liquor or Whiskey? whiskey 9) College football or NFL? NFL 10) Do you support the police? yes 11) Would you go ride dirt roads drinking beers with Harry? would we kiss? 12) Who would win in a real fight, Batman or Superman? depends 13) Was the twin towers a terrorist attack or government? ayrabs 14) Do you think transgenders should be allowed to go in the girls restroom? trannies should dominate feminist toilet seats as hard as they do in female sports 15) Do you drink out fosset water or bottle water? bottle 16) Have you ever been upset/ depressed over a break up? If so describe. na 17) How many guns do you personally own? 10+ 18) Would you rather know how you die or when you die? when 19) if your mom and girlfriend/wife swapped bodies who you fuckin? (mom inside of girlfriends body or girlfriend inside of moms body?) imgey 20) Would you rather visit 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future? future 21) Would you rather drive a nice truck or a nice car? car 22) Would you rather live in the country on a dirt road or in the city where all the stores etc is right around the corner? country 23) How often do you use the Hard R? (this is the only one kenny i promise) na 24) Do you own a pair of boots? if yes what kind? my go to are made by wolverine 25) Have you shot a gun before? How old where you when you shot your first gun? yes, dont remember prolly like 10
  4. Selling gips hmu

  5. Khi

    small ironman progress

    Eh I pass by it occasionally but im not ranked in it for some reason lmao, thanks everyone.
  6. Havent been playing lately, but got a few decent levels today. Might do slayer until 99 str before I go back to skilling.
  7. Khi


    Huge congrats
  8. Khi


    Stop getting hp xp and go wintertodt
  9. Khi

    Stock up on Furys?

    Well there's a lot of new onyx's coming to the game from zalcano and the new crystal chest.
  10. Khi

    My Fatality tattoos

  11. Legit got like 200 kills l0l, ez game.
  12. Khi

    Master Farmtality

    Like warm apple pie retard l0000l
  13. Khi

    Master Farmtality

    Sexiest acc in the clan by far lmao, gratz m8.