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  1. Can You bench press 225

  2. The Topics Slowed but the Gains Did Not

    U animal, gratz man.
  3. Progress Week 1

    Yeah, like @Davey said, it makes mage more expensive but increases the damage bonus of fire spells so more xp/hr. Not sure how much more it adds to the cost up until to 99, but I splash while I sleep, so i'm already wasting a shit ton. I think it's possible to reach 100k/hr tho.
  4. Dreamchasers drop party

    @Josh if u were on maybe I woulda leaked u where one of the whip drops were u feel me?
  5. Progress Week 1

    @Mitch yeah I'm getting close to 80k/hr with this. Gana swap out for tormented bracelet or whatever when I hit 75 hp. I tried full elder robes but prayer drained way too damn fast and could barely afk.
  6. Progress Week 1

    As some of you know I started a pure to try to come to events and felt like sharing stats after my first week from a scratch acc: Goals for this coming week: 94 mage/dt/mm/mith gloves/firecape
  7. Progress from mini me

    Gratz m8, keep grinding.
  8. nmz train

    gratz m8
  9. Boom!

    Keep hustlin cuz
  10. Ayy

    Nice trip m8s @Eric @gabe111 Took it to the arena after
  11. in be4 ww3

    Fake news lul
  12. What supplements do you take

    Fish oil and a multivitamin
  13. Dear Couck

    I was dieing when i saw the #Fatality shirt. Respect for pullin through Sasha.