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  1. Well, it worked for us. Can't say the same for the other two.
  2. Can you touch your toes?

    You sly devil.
  3. Didn't die until about an hour into the return fight. Was lit.
  4. Legends Vs Elders

    I'll take the money.
  5. Didn't Trust the Process Enough

    When does the sly waffle robot software hit shelves?
  6. Hello

    Hey pal good to see you on again
  7. Show YourTbanksgiving Plate!!!

    I cant leave my man @jons hanging. Here you go pal.
  8. Look at this archer guy

    Looks unstoppable
  9. The man the myth the archer

    It’s getting to the point where I’m attracted by my own reflection. God damn I’m looking great. It’s raining gains out here
  10. Fatality getting a gold medal!

    Don't forget your teammate @Davey
  11. Another day John becomes stronger

    Don't make me slap your bald ass silly you sad sally