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  1. Le Intro

    What's it like to have Kanye as a dad?
  2. What would you rather have?

    Damn I could have my own Papa John's
  3. Gandalf help me, if you don't take that back I'll burn you in the fires of Mordor
  4. Battle of helms deep in LOTR took 120 days to shoot
  5. 10 Years of Fatality!

    I think he lost his hair after he was an advanced member for 3 years
  6. 10 Years of Fatality!

    Those referrals though lmfao
  7. LEAKED! Ninos and John Co-Leader Meeting from 2010

    Davey: "guys I just wrote a topic in area 51" Me: "Davey, this isn't even English" Trevor: "rip TLP"
  8. LEAKED! Ninos and John Co-Leader Meeting from 2010

    Wasn't @Freryd2lumby still an advanced member in 2010? You should see my meeting with @Davey and @BIGTREVOR, although it's probably NSFW.
  9. Well, it worked for us. Can't say the same for the other two.
  10. Can you touch your toes?

    You sly devil.
  11. Didn't die until about an hour into the return fight. Was lit.
  12. hi

    Hey pal