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  1. Sanfew

    Mad Intro

    Hey, welcome to the forums.
  2. Sanfew

    Shiny Intro

    Hey Chris, quite a lot of ex war here. Thought you were a different Shiny when I saw the intro & was sorta confused. Welcome aswell @@Shiny.
  3. Sanfew

    Sanfew be like

    Tried crashing us & they ran up however many opts.
  4. Hey Rich, quite a lot of ex DP are still active in Fi.
  5. Hey @@Canadian, think we've talked in #aao before. You seem like a cool guy.
  6. Sanfew


    Hey Josh, been speaking to you on irc. Seem like a cool guy.
  7. Sanfew


    @@Heismberg trying to act like he can carry.
  8. Sanfew


    Hey Hans, nice to see the intro.
  9. Sanfew


    Hey Johnny, it's good to see your intro. Didn't realise you were IR, Ik @@lee was in IR aswell around that time I think?
  10. Halo 3 will always be my favourite game, playing that in 09 w/ friends was great.
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